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Assistant Professor( Stage-II) in Botany

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G.L.I., Science

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Assistant Professor , Botany

About the Department

Establishment of the Department: The Department of Botany of Sundarban Hazi Desarat College had started its humble journey in 1980.

Brief Description: The Department is well well-spaced and well aerated with required classrooms and laboratory. The students are mainly come from around and adjacent regions, many of them from economically challenged back ground and most of them are first generation learner. At present our department is running with three faculties including one G.L.I. We the teachers and the students of our department enjoy a very genial and jovial relationship. Faculty members are extremely sincere, companionate and always trying to make learning enjoyable. In order to motivate our students, we are arranging Seminar, Student presentation, Group discussion as well as Departmental Excursion as a part of curriculum which greatly helps the student to corelate between laboratory and field. Students are also encouraged to publish Wall Magazine in every year. They also actively participates in different programmes like Science consortium, Krishi Mela, Slogan Writing Competition, etc. organized by the Institution. We welcome suggestions from students and their parents as well as other well-wishers too for further betterment of our Department. 

Name of the Faculty at presentQualificationE mails and Mobile No.
1.Dr. Manasi Mandal, P.hd.manasimandal175, 9433743341
2. Dr. Sudipa, 9401591321
3.Motiyur Rahaman, 9733087672

Name of the previous Faculty:

  1. Sri Partha Bandopadhyay (1981-1985)
  2. Dr. Bidyabhusan Ghosh ( 1982-2012)
  3. Dr. Jyotirmoy Ghosh (1986- 2003)
  4. Dr. Tapan Bera (2003)
  5. Sri Saikat Naskar ( 2003 – 2006 )
  6. Sri Sontu Bugh (2015-2017)  

Courses offered: Department offers General degree in Botany. 

Key Highlights

  • Students use freshly collected materials of Algae, Fungi, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes which are collected from nearby areas in most cases in their practical class that greatly enhance their affection to the subjects. 
  • Much Intensive care is taken of all the students due to fewer number of students in the Department.
  • One Major research project was completed in our department. Recently another project proposal also got approval. 
  • Our Department also organized one International Conference and International webinar on  26th January and 27th September, 2020 respectively. 
  • Conducts educational tour, field study in a regular manner 
  •  It is our aim to develop a motivated group of students who will not only be able to study to build their own career but also make them confident, understand global issues and  sustainable development and ultimately contribute to protect the unique biological diversity specifically the Mangroves in this region.

Notable alumni:                    

  • Bhupen Roy( 1983)- School Teacher
  • Uttam Mandal ( 1983)- Male Nurse of Indian Army
  • Motiyur Rahaman( 1984)- Graduate lab instructor
  • Modan Mohan Roy( 1984)- School Teacher
  • Bina Gayen( 1984)- School Teacher
  • Mihir Sardar( 1984)- School Teacher
  • Debabrata Bera( 1985)- School Teacher
  • Suman Debnath(2000)- school Teacher
  • Prafulla Sanfui (2004)-  School Teacher
  • Dr. S.K.Mondal (2003)- Doctor


  • Well Qualified Teachers
  • Well-spaced & well aerated Laboratory
  • Good Inter Personal Relationship 
  • Good Teacher  Student Relationship
  • Good Discipline
  • Strong Management
  • Strong Extension Culture
  • Good Number of Specimens for Practical work


  • Low Demand in Recent Years
  • Inadequate laboratory equipment

Best practices of Departments:

  • Chalk and Talk, ICT based teaching- learning methods are followed. Students’ assessment is conducted on a regular basis by taking internal, periodic assessment and homework assignments
  • Students are motivated to collect fresh specimens, study them as well identify the surrounding plants thereby increasing their bonding with the subject as well as mother nature.
  • Establishes a Departmental Library in addition to a Central library for easy access to students 
  • Regular arrangement of Educational tour and Field survey to correlate their theoretical knowledge and familiarize them with real specimens from the field. 

Departmental Social Responsibility (DSR): Each year, during the celebration of `Briksho Ropon Utsav’ our department distributes saplings (fruit, timber and medicinal plants) to the surrounding schools` students and also to the local people. Saplings have also been given to the Teacher`s council Secretary as well as Nonteaching representative. By arranging popular talk students are encouraged to nurture the saplings and thereby helps in making them understand about the importance of Plants. During Awareness rallies conducted by our department different messages and slogans have been broadcasted by the students to raise awareness amongst the community against cutting and harming of trees, increasing and  conserving biodiversity and so on.


 Job opportinities/opportunities in higher studies after studying B.Sc. Botany Course:

  1. B.Sc./Ph.D. in Botany
  2. Teaching Profession in academic sectors
  3. Researchers/Scientists
  4. Botanical assistant in Botanical Gardens/Herbaria/Botanical Survey of India
  5. Garden supervisor in Botanical Gardens
  6. Forest Department 
  7. Agricultural sector
  8. Pathology


Sl No Title Syllabus View
1 Syllabus for Botany General (BOTG) Course: Semester -I
2 Syllabus for Botany General course( BOTG): Semester -II
3 Syllabus for Botany General course( BOTG): Semester -III

Departmental Notices

Sl No Title Notice View
1 Departmental Notice for Practical Exam- Sem-VI, 2023
2 BOTG Sem II 2023 Practical Exam
3 Departmental Meeting
4 BOTG Sem I 2023 Practical Exam
5 BOTG Sem V Practical Exam 2023
6 Excursion to Narendrapur
7 Part III B.Sc. BOTG Practical Exam 2019
8 Part II B.Sc. BOTG Practical Exam 2019

Curricular Delivery Schedule

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Po & Co

Sl No Title Question View
1 PO
2 CO

Previous Year Question Papers

Sl No Title Question View
1 Year-2017 : CU-2017_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Paper-I_QP
2 Year-2017: CU-2017_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Paper-I_QP
3 Year-2018: CU-2018_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Paper-I_QP
4 Year-2018: CU-2018_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Paper-IV_Group-A_(Set-1)_QP
5 Year-2018: CU-2018_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Paper-IV_Group-A_(Set-2)_QP
6 Year-2018: CU-2018_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Paper-IV_Group-A_(Set-3)_QP
7 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Part-III_Paper-IV_(Set-3)_QP
8 Year-2020:CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Part-III_Paper-IV_Group-A_(Set-1)_QP
9 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Part-III_Paper-IV_Group-A_(Set-2)_QP
10 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-I_Paper-CC1-GE1_QP
11 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-III_Paper-CC3-GE3_QP
12 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-III_Paper-SEC-A-1_QP
13 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-III_Paper-SEC-A-2_QP (1)
14 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-III_Paper-SEC-A-2_QP
15 year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-V_Paper-DSE-2A-1_QP
16 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-V_Paper-DSE-2A-2_QP
17 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-V_Paper-DSE-3A-1_QP
18 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-V_Paper-DSE-3A-2_QP
19 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-V_Paper-DSE-A-1_QP
20 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-V_Paper-DSE-A-2_QP
21 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-V_Paper-SEC-A-1_QP
22 Year-2020: CU-2020_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-V_Paper-SEC-A-2_QP
23 Year-2021: CU-2021_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Part-I_Paper-I_QP
24 Yera-2021: CU-2021_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Part-III_Paper-IV_(Group-A)_QP
25 year-2021: CU-2021_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-1_Paper-CC1-GE1_QP
26 Year-2021: CU-2021_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-5_Paper-SEC-A-1_QP
27 Year-2021: CU-2021_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-5_Paper-SEC-A-2_QP
28 Year-2021: CU-2021_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-II_Paper-CC2-GE2_QP
29 Year-2021: CU-2021_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-IV_Paper-CC4-GE4_QP
30 year-2021: CU-2021_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-IV_Paper-SEC-B-3_QP
31 Yaer-2021: CU-2021_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-IV_Paper-SEC-B-4_QP
32 Year- 2021:CU-2021_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-VI_Paper-DSE-B-3_QP
33 Yaer-2021: CU-2021_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-VI_Paper-DSE-B-4_QP
34 Year-2021: CU-2021_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-VI_Paper-SEC-B-3_QP
35 Year-2021: CU-2021_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-VI_Paper-SEC-B-4_QP
36 Year-2022: CU-2022_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-1_Paper-CC1-GE1_QP
37 Yaer-2022: CU-2022_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-3_Paper-CC3-GE3_QP
38 Year-2022: CU-2022_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-4_Paper-CC4-GE4_QP
39 Year-2022: CU-2022_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-5_Paper-DSE-A-1_QP
40 Year-2022: CU-2022_B.Sc._(General)_Botany_Semester-5_Paper-SEC-A-1_QP
41 Year-2022: CU-2022_ B.Sc._ ( General) _ Botany_ BOTGDSE-A1PR
42 Practical CC1 2018
43 2018 Botany General Practical Third paper
44 Practical CC 2 2023
45 Practical DSE B 2023
46 Internal CC1 2022


B.Sc. Botany

B.Sc. in Botany (General) programme is taught in the department.


Research area of Dr. Sudipa Das

  1. Plant Taxonomy
  2. Bryology
  3. Molecular phylogenetics

Research Area of Dr, Manasi Mandal

  1. Plant taxonomy and Systematics
  2. Algal taxonomy


Documentation of Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) of Panchet Soil Conservation Division of Bankura District, West Bengal with Special Reference to Bioprospecting of Some Selected Food and Medicinal Plants

Conducting minor or major research project sponsored by National or International agencies 



Title of the major/ Minor


StatusSponsored AgencyPeriodGrant/ Amount mobilized
01Documentation of Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) of Panchet Soil Conservation Division of Bankura District, West Bengal with Special Reference to Bioprospecting of Some Selected Food and Medicinal PlantsCompletedSERB18.12.2014- 09.09.201618,72,852/-
02Taxonomic studies and diversity assessment of filamentous green algae of North SikkimApprovedSERBApproved on 21st January. 2023~ 3194356/-


  1. Departmental Library
  2. Well equipped laboratory



  1. One Day International Webinar on ‘Contemporary Issues in Biological Sciences was organized by Department of Botany, Zoology and IQAC, Sundarban Hazi Desarat College on 27th September 2020.
  2. Local excursion at Pathankhali Village B.Sc.Gen. Sem-II on 27th March, 2021.
  3. Publication of wall magazine on 5th September every year.
  4. Excursion to Narendrapur Rama Krishna Mission Medicinal Garden on 7th February 2023.
  5. Plantation Drive, Rally and Quiz competition on the occasion of  ‘International Day of Forests’ on 21st March 2023
  6. Excursion to Agri-horticiltural Garden, Alipore  on 12th May 2023

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