About the Grant


      Acharya Prafulla Chandra Research Grant


As per the recommendations of the NAAC Peer-Team and the consequent approval of the Governing Body of the college to allocate funds to the tune of Rs. 1,50,000/- (One lakh fifty thousand only) to encourage research among its faculty members, IQAC proudly launches Acharya Prafulla Chandra Research Grants.


  1. Any member of the faculty would be awarded this research grant ( 25,000/- for Science and 20,000/- for Humanities & Social Science Subjects/Commerce) for a period of 6 months, extendable for 6 (six) months more as per the discretion of the Research Committee under IQAC. Two grants would be sanctioned annually.
  2.  From 2023 onwards, the grant was increased by ₹ 10, 000/-, that is, ₹ 35, 000/- for a research project in Science and ₹ 25,000/- for research project in Humanities & Social Sciences. 
  3. The candidate must get parts of the research project published in the form of at least ONEarticle in any UGC-CARE List of Journals. [Letter(s) of Acceptance from the Editorial Team/Editor of the Journal concerned will suffice during submission of the project report/dissertation.] The candidate should clearly mention the financial grants under which s/he writes the article in the acknowledgement part.
  4. The research should be aimed at addressing the issues of local importance like environment, ecology, bio-diversity, rural economy, SHGs, demography, social and economic discrimination, Mathematical Modelling for policy making for rural development, local culture and literature. The authority would give preference to research proposals which promise to be multidisciplinary.
  5. Sundarban Hazi Desarat college, being the funding agency, will exercise its copyright over the submitted project report. And, if and in case of the decision of the IQAC about the publication of the entire project, the author concerned would not be paid any royalties or remuneration or compensation.


  1. The Applicant must be a teacher of the college.
  2. S/he must have a PhD or an M Phil or research credentials in the form of publications in the UGC-CARE list of journals.

Procedures for availing the research grant:

  1. The candidate should apply in the prescribed form available in hard copies with the Coordinator, IQAC. S/he may download the same from the website.
  2. The Proposal of Research of approximately 500 words must be in the following format:


  1. Tentative Title of the Project


  1. Abstract of less than 250 words with 4/5 keywords


  1. A Brief Review of Literature justifying the necessity of the Project


  1. Methodology/Tools/Laboratory works/Mode of Data Collection


  1. Probable Outcome of the Research (One should clearly mention how it is an advancement of existing body of knowledge in that specific area)
  1. The candidate should submit two copies of the same Research Proposal along with the Application. (One with her/his name written after the Tentative Title of the Project’, the other without).
  2. On receipt of the Application(s), the Research Committee would deliberate on the viability of the project before forwarding the same for Blind-Review by University Professor or Professional Expert.
  3. The selection of the project for awarding grants would be based upon the following criteria and respective grading by expert(s) in the Blind Review:


Sl. No.



1.Innovativeness/Novelty of the Research Idea


2.Proposed Mode of Execution


3.Advancement of Knowledge


4.Relevance & Applicability of the proposed Research