Composition and Function of IQAC



  • The Internal Quality Assurance Cell has put in place a well- entrenched developmental ecology in the campus whereby all the factors necessary for and conducive to the growth and development of a learner into a sensible citizen of the world even in these outlying areas of the Sundarbans are made available to them.  
  • The IQAC plays a catalytic role in promoting quality in the delivery of curricula in order to instill in students both knowledge of the curricular contents and ethical values. 
  • It also constantly endeavours to enhance the quality of teachers and non-teaching staff with an express purpose of enriching the  educational ecology in the campus. 



  • Dr Tarun Mandal (Principal), Chairperson
  • Ms.Pompa Bhattacharyya, Social Sciences 
  • Dr Palash Haldar, Science 
  • Ms.Granthana Sengupta, Social Sciences   
  • Dr Sudipa Das, Science 
  • Dr.Uttam Kumar Guru, Humanities– Coordinator
  • Dr Debottam Chakraborty – Bursar (Ex-officio), Social Sciences   
  • Smt. Chayanika Datta, Social Sciences   
  • Dr Gautam Sen, Commerce 
  • Dr Sumantakalyan Pal, Humanities   
  • Dr.Nirmalendu Nath (Senior Administrative Officer)
  • B.D.O., Gosaba Block –do-
  • Dr Amalendu Majumder, C.U. Nominee to the Governing Body
  • Sri Tapan Kumar Mandal, Government Nominee to the Governing Body
  • Mr Biswajit Mitra, Member from Local Society 
  • Dr Somnath Mukherjee—do-
  • Prof.Asim Mondal, Member from Employees/Industrialists/Stakeholders
  • Dr.Shekhar Roy, --do--