Computer Facilities

For the sake of the students' academic needs, SHD College provides two computer labs with printers and internet connection facilities.  The college offers inexpensive computer certificate programmes as well. All the departments have been provided computers, printers with internet facilities. The classrooms at the Honours Department have all been upgraded to digital classrooms.

Campus wide network & internet access facilities                                              

The network connectivity of SHD College implemented throughout the Campus consisting Fibre Backbones and copper backbones between Administrative Building,  Arts and Science Academic Building, Teachers’ room,  Library Section, Both Boys and Girls Hostel.  Both Wi-Fi System and LAN Internet Connections has been implemented/extended for smooth function of the institution. Students and Teachers both can use internet for their academic purpose. 

At present all main Academic Buildings and administrative buildings are under Wi-Fi Zone. The total number of nodes present in the College campus is 70 which includes 10  Wi Fi access points. Since the  number of users are  increasing day by day the existing Internet Bandwidth  has been upgraded  to 500 MbPs.