Research SHDC

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell emphasizes the importance of research in higher education, and providing encouragement, conducive ambience and incentives to faculty members is on the priority list of the institute. The following measures were taken  

 1. Faculty members are provided with financial incentives to attend seminars, conferences, symposia and workshops with a token money, and a seed fund is separated for that annually. 

2. IQAC routinely encourages faculty members to apply for research grants of UGC/DST/CSIR/ICSSR etc whenever they invite applications for research grants.  

3. In 2020, IQAC launched its flagship research grant for faculty members, named, ‘Acharjya Parfulla Chandra Research Grant’. It provided research grants of Rs. 25, 000/- to a member of Science faculty and Rs. 20, 000/- to one member of Humanities and Social Sciences/Commerce to conduct area-specific research in 2020-21. From 2022-23 session, the Finance Sub-Committee, upon Solicitation of IQAC,  increased the grants to Rs. 35, 000/- and Rs. 30. 000/-  for Science and Arts /Commerce respectively.  

4. Apart from these, the college provides financial assistance to faculties to conduct short-term researches/local surveys/experiential learning of students on condition that students should participate in these activities. The express purpose of this policy is to giving students guidance and exposure as how to conduct surveys and researches about issues in their adjoining areas.