A highly well-stocked library serves the academic needs of both students and professors at Sundarban Hazi Desarat College. Central Library offers more than 25,000 books covering different disciplines as well as 14 journals and magazines geared for career-oriented exams,  rich collection of reference tools like Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Handbooks etc. Student and teachers explore this library on regular basis.

The Library is well-equipped with modern facilities, WiFi enabled facility, resources including CD- ROMs, online databases,  Books, e-journals(NLIST), theses. The library is divided into different sections - Textbook/Reference, General Stacks, Reading sections, Journals, a Book Bank. 

Also the library extended for the villagers. The villagers can access  ’Book Bank' facilities of library following  proper protocol. Every afternoon, a newspaper reading session is scheduled in front of the library. 

‘Open Access Library System’ facilities available for the students. 

There is a digital section inside Library. Students can access internet facilities from digital section.   Additionally, students can copy their books and notes from library at the cheapest cost. 

Our college is located in the remote fringes of the Sundarbans. With that in mind, Sundarbans-centric literature section has been created. This collection will be beneficial for research related work. 

SHD College Library has a library committee with librarians and faculty members of different subjects for day to day management and smooth functioning of the library activities. Library has its own set of rules. SHD College Library has a separate Website. 

The library is located on the first floor of the main college administrative building. 

Library provides special facilities for the Physically Challenged students. There is a feedback system in the library.

The entire collection of books, CD ROMs, etc. is bar-coded and all the databases are available on the institute network through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). The library has installed KOHA Software package. Each Honours department has established a library that is under the supervision of the Central Library. 

Additionally, two libraries have been set up in the Boys and Girls Hostel's reading rooms. 

Learning does not end with the completion of formal education but is, for most people, a lifelong activity. In an increasingly complex society people will need to acquire new skills at various stages of their life. SHD College The library always strives to achieve that objective.