Facilities for teching & non-teaching

There are welfare measures for both members of teaching and non-teaching staff:

a) Teachers can avail themselves of a loan of Rs. 10,0000/- at a time to be refunded in 18 months in instalments; 

b) Any teacher upon joining the college is  entitled to get Rs. 25,000/- per month before her/his pay fixation by the Directorote of Public Instruction, Department of Higher Education, West Bengal.    

c) Non-Teaching staff including casual support staff can seek financial assistance of Rs. 50, 000/- as loan to be refunded in 18 months in instalments; 
d) Some employees, including both teachers and non-teaching staff, have formed the Co-operative Society of the Employees of Sundarban Hazi Desarat College
e) Any application for PF Loan is sanctioned in two working days' time. 
f) Because of the locational hazards of the college, the authority has made arrangements for lodging facilities for both Teaching and Non-teaching staff in the campus itself at very subsidized rates;
g) Teachers are provided with incentives for attending conferences/seminars/colloquia.

h) Recreational facilities for teaching and non-teaching staff are available in the campus.

i) Free WiFi facilities for 24X7 Hours for all members of teaching and non-teaching staff.